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Our Mandate & Core Values

Here at The Bridge, our mission is to break barriers, and build bridges, thereby Connecting Families to God.  



Here, family is very important to us.  In fact, it is one of our core values.  There is a trend now where men don’t attend church nearly as much as women.  Studies show that women make up 61% of regular church attendees in America.  Perhaps an even more alarming number is that 57% of marriages end in divorce.  Lastly, statistics prove that if a child doesn’t make the choice to follow Jesus by age 14, the likelihood of them ever making that choice is cut in half.  It is our mission to reach men, help them realize their place in God, the church, and in their homes, so the whole family will be on one accord. Ultimately, this will restore God’s vision of the family.



This brings us to our second core value, which is Restoration.  Many have been turned off to church because of the stigma the church has developed for being judgemental.  Some have been hurt in church, and now find themselves disenfranchised from a true relationship with God. Here, it is our hope that we break that barrier, and show everyone the love of God, and encourage a stronger relationship with Him, which will naturally evoke change in their lives.  



That being said, Development is another core value to us here.  We believe in stretching one another to become better, stronger, and greater in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, our goal is to empower the believer through taking personal interest in each member, and coming up with their own unique plan to get them where they want to be in Christ and in life, as we all need help sometimes.



Peace is our next core value.  Many of us never truly find peace because we don’t realize that, that’s what we’re searching for.  We hear about the pursuit of happiness, but happiness is fleeting.  It’s a temporary emotion or feeling.  Peace however, is a permanent fixture in the life of a Christian.  



Our fifth and final core value is Effectiveness.  One thing we found out pretty fast is that no one gets excited about a new church opening up.  Maybe because people think we have enough churches.  But we submit to you that we don’t have enough effective churches.  Therefore we are conducting demographic studies to discover the needs of the community and provide solutions. We believe that every decision we make as a church should have God at the center, and our core values as our compass.  


We call these 5 core values:

“The Hand”

In other words, The Hand of God’s Vision for The BCC


The long term vision is to plant many effective churches that will all plant more effective churches with Christ at the center of it all.  Leaving His Handprint wherever we go.

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