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Kimberly Williams
First Lady

Lady Kay has had a heart for the Lord starting from a young age, which she attributes to the godly upbringing by her parents.  As a child, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would always answer "A mommy".  Under the encouragement of her mother, she started praying for her future husband and future children starting at 14 years old. As a testament to prayer, Pastor Jay and Lady Kay were married in 2005, and they became parents in 2009. Now she and Pastor Jay have been blessed with four daughters! 


Lady Kay is a nurturer at heart.  She has always had a heart for women and young ladies, to be a mentor to them.  Her vision and ministry at The Bridge is to assist the ladies in developing and maintaining a relationship with God. It is important to her that individuals acquire the peace of God in their lives.  Lady Kay is dedicated to these and other initiatives, and considers it an honor to be of service to members, friends, and visitors of The Bridge Christian Center.

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